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My wedding at Vermont’s Kingdom Trails in 2010


Mud and Manolos is for women who aren’t afraid to rock out in heels or hiking boots.

I never intended to fall completely in love with cycling. A band geek and a writer, my sudden desire to trudge through mud and muscle over rocks and roots was surprising to say the least. But after that first trail ride on a cheap mountain bike with a very patient friend, I knew there was no turning back. At first I had no skills to speak of (yet plenty of bruises), but before long I approached the starting line on a new full suspension bike, anxious to compete in my first race.

Hitting the trail in 2005

I quickly learned that cycling is a passion and an addiction. A hard tail leads to full suspension, just as aluminum is the gateway to carbon. Over the years, a cyclocross and a road bike joined two mountain bikes in the garage. What will be next?

LiveStrong Philly, my first century, in 2009

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to kick off your shoes and stay a while. Hopefully you’ll find some tricks and tips to carry with you on your next ride. Comments and questions are always appreciated.

Tour of the Battenkill

My 1st road race: Tour of the Battenkill 2013

More about Beth:

Beth Manning is a licensed massage therapist in Central New Jersey, where she utilizes a variety of techniques to help athletes move better and without pain. A former professional writer, Beth also enjoys cooking, kettlebells, playing the guitar and anything related to health, fitness, nutrition and biohacking.

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  1. We have some things in common besides biking. I work in higher ed communications and was a proud “band jock” in high school (flute & flag corps).

    Just found you thanks to the Mixed Baby Greens blog http://mixedbabygreens.wordpress.com (I always figure bloggers are curious about what leads readers to their pages–I know I am!). I’ve been building a list of women bike bloggers since last fall and will add a link to yours the next time I update the page. Well over 500 and growing! (http://bit.ly/WomenBikeBlogs, @WomenBikeBlogs on Twitter, http://www.facebook.com/WomenBikeBlogs)

    Over time I’m creating a news feed from the blogs to the Twitter and FB accounts and you’ll get added. I also feature a blog a day. I hope it helps you grow your readership. Happy blogging and biking!


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