Back pocket review: Honey Stinger Waffle

When it comes to food obsessions, waffles are pretty high on my list. They were partially responsible for my freshman 15 (hello, make-you-own Belgian waffle bar!) and when my grandma died, I gratefully inherited her trusty waffle maker. So when I heard that Honey Stinger had magically created a waffle for saddle-side consumption, I knew I had to try it.

Honey stinger waffleTaste Test

Honey Stinger’s waffle easily slips into a jersey pocket. Consumption involves some forethought, however, as the package is tough to open without the leverage of two hands or a pair of scissors. But once it’s out of the package, the round golden honey disk tastes divine. It’s slightly moist with a syrupy honey center and a cross between a frozen waffle and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Unlike many other energy bars I’ve tried, Honey Stinger Waffles taste more like a bakery treat than an anti-bonking agent.

Honey Stinger WaffleBottom Line

Dishing up 160 calories and 21 grams of carbohydrates, Honey Stinger Waffles provide the perfect energy boost for longer rides. Organic ingredients, including honey, put a healthy spin on the traditional stroopwafel, which originated in the Netherlands over 200 years ago and consisted of two thin layers of batter with syrup in between. The only thing the Honey Stinger Waffle will leave you wishing for is a cup of tea or espresso.


Are you addicted to Honey Stinger’s Waffles? Or what food do you love for long rides?


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