Four ways to become a stronger, faster cyclist

After 18 weeks of preparation, it all came down to 3 hours and 46 minutes. That’s the time it took me to find the finish line after 65 grueling miles at the Tour of the Battenkill. I was elated and exhausted by the end. Sure I was ecstatic over my performance, but I was also extremely proud of (and a bit surprised by) the athlete I had become over those four months. I knew when I signed up that I wasn’t going to half-ass it until April. I tend to do things in a big way and this was no different. I planned to carefully follow my training plan and to use my diet and recovery tactics to see just how great I could become. It turns out these strategies paid off big time. Continue reading

Cycling Superfoods: Chia Seeds + Chocolate banana chia muffin recipe

Remember when you couldn’t walk into a drugstore without spotting a zoo of Chia critters? Then we discovered that the same gooey seeds we stuck to our terra cotta-shaped turtles and bunnies are actually a superfood. Runners have been extolling their countless health benefits since the days when the Mayans and Aztecs relied on them to fuel their cross-country conquests.

So why should this tiny black dot be a staple in any endurance athlete’s diet? For starters, chia seeds are excellent for hydration. When left in water (or your stomach) these little buggers can absorb 10 times their weight in water. This means that as they’re digested, they slowly release water, helping to maintain proper hydration. They also help stabilize electrolytes. To get the maximum benefits, soak the seeds before ingesting them. Continue reading