December dreaming

On the surface, December is associated with things like snow, and windchill, and balaclavas, and booties. But you know what? This month’s not so bad. I know, I know; just hear me out.

As much as I would cherish an eternal summer or even a few extra weeks in the 60s, this time of year plays an important role. For me, December is all about laying the past season to rest and dreaming of what lies ahead. Suddenly I’m not bogged down by the pressure of group rides that are too fast because my life was so hectic in the spring that I didn’t get in enough base miles. I don’t feel the constant nagging pains in my muscles from going too fast too soon and never fully recovering. Poof! It’s all gone. Every Spring is a second chance to make good on all of our past wrongs. It’s a well-deserved fresh start.

This is also the time of year when I pamper my bike. I’ll freely admit that I’m no bike mechanic. If it wasn’t for my husband, the local bike shop would be seeing a lot more of me. I tend to spend my energetic hours riding and not so much on maintenance. But something odd happened the other day. Suddenly I went from schlepping around the house dressed in head-to-toe fleece and slippers to hoisting my road bike into the work stand and giving my carbon steed a whole lotta TLC. I couldn’t remember the last time I had buffed all those hard-to-reach places. This, coupled with the excitement of receiving Christmas bike bling, is part of the magic of December. From the helm of the trainer, I imagine winning races and setting personal bests with those shiny new parts—and the old parts that sparkle once again.

December may be all about eternal gray skies and dreariness. But my bike and I are warm inside. It’s always worth the wait.

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