Mixing it up

Every fall I swear I’m going to start running. Even though I tend to grimace during the summer when I pass runners slogging along, sweating profusely as their shiny white sneakers hit the hot pavement, I always change my tune by September. Maybe that does look like fun… Truth be told, I end up donning my sneakers a few times, and by the end of November I’m back to living vicariously through a friend who competes in the marathon circuit.

But before I fully submit to the trainer this year, I decided to loosely follow a 5k training plan to help correct any leg imbalances from cycling, and to give a few other activities a try.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Climbing can be fun. Especially when you’re rewarded with views like this.

Stissing Mountain in Pine Plains, NY is an incredible hike. It’s a three-mile, 1,000 foot climb from the base to the fire tower.

After navigating this steep climb, I scrambled to the top of the tower to relish an Upstate, NY fall in all its glory.

We’ve had an amazing Indian summer. On a day when it was nearly 70, a friend offered up his kayak and invited me on a tour of Canadarago Lake near Cooperstown. I’ve only been kayaking a couple of times, and once I learned how to steer— after veering into a quagmire of reeds—it was a blast. We did about three miles and spotted several blue herron. I think a kayak might be next on my sports wish list. As if I need another roof rack…

Finally, a friend of mine called in sick to work last Thursday so we could properly experience Overlook Mountain in Woodstock. The bucolic trek is often crawling with New Yorkers (think pint-sized purse dogs and people yapping on cell phones halfway up the mountain). But on a Thursday the only other occupants included two women, a forest ranger, and a black bear. It was quite a treat.

Not only is there a mind-blowing view from the top of Overlook’s fire tower, there’s also a dilapidated hotel circa 1870 on the hike up.

View of the hotel from the fire tower (beat that, trainer!):

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