Fresh Tracks

There are a few things to celebrate this week at Mud and Manolos. First, we’ve moved to a new space. That’s right, please note the new url and spread the word!

If this is your first visit, welcome to Mud and Manolos, a place for women (and men, too!) who are passionate about cycling. Thanks for stopping by and feel free post any questions or comments. Subscribe or follow me on Twitter for the latest updates and happenings.

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be dishing up some fresh reviews and how-tos to get you rolling into the new season…and much, much more.

Speaking of the new season, Happy Spring, everyone! We made it. I enjoyed two rides outside last week when the temps in the Northeast hit the upper 60s. It was a treat to see my pasty-white arms and legs on the bike again and to finally have some reprieve from the trainer.

Gear Review: Zoot CompressRX Recovery Tight

Confession: I despise pantyhose and actively avoid situations requiring them. So it’s no surprise that when I picked up a tube of compression tights, all of my pantyhose anxiety came rushing back. The unstoppable runs and ever present fear of poking a finger nail through the nylon is just too much to bear. This is why pants were invented.

But looking snazzy for a job interview has never improved my leg soreness or made me faster on the bike. Zoot claims that just by wearing their recovery tights, you can decrease lactic acid by 29% and perceived effort by 25%. Now I’m pay attention. Pass the plastic egg.

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The winter of my content

This has been a unique winter because, for the first stretch since college, I’ve been gifted with time. I never realized what a blessing and a curse this gift was. There’s nothing better than stealing an hour or two to relax without a plan. But when hours turned into days and days turned into weeks and months, it started to feel as though I was dragging a weight, rather than lifting one off of my shoulders. Continue reading

Bike Love

While this was no doubt a crappy week for the health of our planet, it certainly was a splendid few days for cyclists in the Northeast. Temps hit the mid-sixties today and were in the fifties on Monday for Valentine’s Day. We decided to go outside and give our bikes some love on V-Day. Would I remember how to balance and hold a line sans trainer? Let’s find out. Continue reading