Review: Pearl Izumi Drop Tail Cycling Bib Shorts

I’m envious of the guys who can down a water bottle and then quickly pull off behind a tree without missing a beat. But for women it’s not so easy, especially with bib shorts. When I bought my first bibs, a pair of sleek (and expensive) Giordana Silverlines, I knew I’d either have to carefully ration my water bottles or memorize every rural gas station in the county.

If you’ve never tried bibs, I’ll warn you right now: They will change your life. If regular lycra shorts are a Trek 1000, then bibs are a SuperSix Evo, baby. There’s no fabric slipping, bunching or gaping and no elastic band to put a stranglehold on your stomach. The only problem is that bib straps severely interfere with bathroom breaks, forcing women to shed their jerseys and bottoms first. Continue reading

How to look cool on a bike (even if you don’t have a clue)

We were all total cycling newbies once. Before we started counting grams and shelling out $200 for bib shorts, we were wide-eyed—and clueless—enthusiasts.

After pedaling for thousands of miles (and weighing every component on my full-carbon bike), I’ve noticed a few repeat offenses in the road biking world. Want to look cool on your next ride? Read on. Continue reading

Review: DZ Nuts Bliss

Nothing can kill a ride faster than a saddle sore. After a season spent swapping saddles, I’ve been riddled with plenty of them. After experimenting with several different chamois creams, some left me feeling like I was pedaling in a wet diaper and others burned and tingled, emitting an odd scent that was a cross between peppermint, patchouli and witch hazel. Continue reading

After Irene

There are a few things that cyclists take for granted. We expect to have a bike that works and a road to travel on. I recently lost the latter.

It’s been a week and the word “Irene” is still fresh on everyone’s lips, still weighing on our hearts and minds. Many lost their houses, their cars…everything. Me, I lost several cycling routes. I know that pales in comparison, but I’m still in awe every time I witness where water buckled blacktop, violently tearing bridges from cement and steel. One of my favorite training climbs (and descents) is now scarred and ripped apart, forcing me down a series of detours. Continue reading