Portland, Maine: The way life should be

This year we decided to vacation without our bikes. And three days into the vacation, I’m convinced that it was a good decision. My husband just came off of a tough race (and a resulting injury) and my century training has led to some pretty intense hours in the saddle. So with bare roof racks, we decided to head to Portland, Maine. It didn’t take long for us to fall in love with Portland. The place is full of breweries, bike shops and beaches. Throw in a lobster—or three—and that’s my idea of paradise. Continue reading


Training plans are great, but sometimes you just have to throw them out the window. I’ve been putting in longer miles for The Catskill Century in August. I decided to trade duration for intensity last weekend and headed out for a group ride chock full of stiff climbs.

It was hot as we rolled out early. Right off the bat, there were two mechanics spaced apart in the first hour. It was stop and start and my legs began to stiffen up. As the temperature soared, I could also feel a new saddle sore forming under my ill-fitting saddle. I was shifting around on the saddle, unable to find a comfortable spot. I climbed with stiff legs that kept whispering to me, “hey, let’s pedal home, I’m tired.” For once, I should have listened. Continue reading


When good saddles go bad.

That’s right, my saddle has turned on me. I rode a thousand miles, including a century, on my Specialized Toupe and then it started to feel uncomfortable. When my bike fitter took a look, he pointed out that I was sitting way off the back of the saddle. My sit bones were clinging to the edge like a nervous sky diver. Continue reading