Pedal forward, look back

Shortly after Christmas, we had a wonderful surprise— a foot of snow! Wonderful because, sitting next to the front door was a pair of new cross country skis. I removed the giant red bow, then promptly hit the snow.

Then, as if Mother Nature knew exactly how long it took my quads to recover from such a beating, later in the week we enjoyed a few days of 45+ degree weather.

We took advantage and celebrated the end of 2010 by revisiting some of our favorite summer dirt roads. I absolutely love riding in the mud. It calls to the mountain biker in me and to the child who used to ride her bike around the backyard, hitting every puddle.

As my watch ticked away the final hours of 2010, my mind dreamt of new routes to discover, riders to meet, and challenges to conquer.

Welcome, 2011. It’s going to be a great ride.


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