Review: DZ Nuts Bliss

Nothing can kill a ride faster than a saddle sore. After a season spent swapping saddles, I’ve been riddled with plenty of them. After experimenting with several different chamois creams, some left me feeling like I was pedaling in a wet diaper and others burned and tingled, emitting an odd scent that was a cross between peppermint,¬†patchouli¬†and witch hazel.

So you can imagine my relief when I opened a tube of DZ Nuts Bliss to find a firm, non-greasy cream that lacked the pungent odor of a bus bound for Woodstock.

Developed by Dave Zabriskie, the time trialist dubbed Captain America and Garmin-Cervelo’s all-around jokester, Bliss is similar to the men’s version of DZ Nuts, but lacks the tingling sensation. There still is a slight tingle, however, from the product’s tea tree oil, which also provides the cream’s only subtle scent. Bliss claims to reduce itching, burning and irritation. It also promotes the presence of good bacteria and provides a barrier that protects against moisture and irritation.

This chamois cream certainly lives up to its claims. During a century, it provided lost-lasting relief (though you may want to re-apply for all-day rides). Bliss goes above and beyond a traditional chamois cream because you can also use it to treat previous chaffing or saddle sores. The cream is soothing post-ride and its all-natural (and paraben-free) ingredients won’t stain clothing.

Dave Zabriskie, Garmin Slipstream

Thanks, Dave!

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