Review: Lazer O2 Helmet

I have a big head. Not in the full-of-myself kind of way. My noggin is either really large or just oddly shaped. Either way, I’d rather try on bathing suits and bras than go ski hat and helmet shopping.

Lazer O2 helmet

A fellow big-headed rider tipped me off about the Lazer O2 helmet’s Rollsys fit system—aka the magic red dial that adjusts the helmet so it locks in the exact position you desire, not the mechanically pre-defined clicks set in many helmets. The idea of such fit perfection was more than I could wrap my head around. I had to try it. 

After 500 miles with the O2, I no longer dread wearing an uncomfortable helmet or seeing pictures of myself with a helmet always tipped to one side. With the O2, you can fully adjust the inner spring-like cables so the helmet sits dead center and stays there.

The O2 is well-vented (24 large vents) for the price, about $100. The straps are comfortable and easy to adjust. Step up to the Helium model and the straps are softer and padded. The O2’s adjustability is superb. It only requires one finger to change the fit on the fly, perfect for when I decide to pull my hair back or ditch the cycling cap.

Now, if only Lazer made ski hats…




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