Scenes from the Battenkill

The Tour of the Battenkill has always been on my bucket list. While I haven’t summoned up the courage to race it yet, my husband Rob did. The weather was awesome, 65 degrees and sunny for much of the afternoon. I think this caught many by surprise, as my husband crossed the finish line low on electrolytes and scorched with sunburn.

Photos are mainly of the Cat 5 men and Pro/1/2 women’s fields. Overall, there were 2,700 riders representing 40 states and 15 countries. We snapped them as we raced between feed zones and savored the incredible countryside surrounding Cambridge, NY.

Additional photo credits: Jim McCormack

Read Rob’s report from Cat 5

6 thoughts on “Scenes from the Battenkill

  1. Great photos Beth. Thanks for showing us the race and surrounding scenery. Hope you (and Steph) decide to race it next year!

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