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Do you ride a women specific bike? I never thought much of the idea until I developed some serious knee and IT band pain while training for a century on my first road bike. My knee was treated by a physical therapist as I continued to train. But by the end of the century, I was nearly limping I was in such a world of hurt.

I tried a women specific road bike and was blown away by how much of a difference the shorter top tube made. At that moment I was sold, and my knee pain is gone.

Now is your chance to speak up for bikes designed to fit our own unique bodies. Trek Women is requesting feedback from female mountain bikers. Take this opportunity to tell them what you think of current women specific gear and what you wish to see more of. Plus they’ve got a chance to win some prizes.

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6 thoughts on “Speak up for women specific bikes

  1. Interesting! I’m very glad that your knee is better.

    I have two bikes – a women specific Marin Stinson that I learned to ride on, and use for errands, and a Specialized HardRock that is not a women-specific design. If I could just make the handlebar slightly less wide on the HardRock it would be perfect. I did try the Myka, but it had a larger frame for my height, whereas the HardRock just felt like fun from the moment that I sat on the saddle. I have to say that colour was a factor too, I just didn’t love the colour scheme on the Mykas but adored the HardRock colours. The Marin has the perfect width handlebar, but came with a womens-specific saddle that was like riding a sideboard (though oddly my husband loves it). Swapped out for a Specialised womens saddle and it’s ten times better (for me, anyway).

    I’m still pretty new to riding, and suspect that the handlebar issue will ease once I remember to keep my back and arms free and easy on the downhill bits. So I don’t know. I think it’s good to have the choice, but I’ve learned not to look just at women’s bikes.

    • Thanks for your comments, everyone!

      Babygreens, I love my women specific saddle too! For your handlebars, you can always swap them out for something narrower. You want them to be wide enough to let your lungs expand fully, but if they’re too wide you could inadvertently snag trees and branches in the woods. I would suggest that you measure your Marin’s bars for a point of reference and work from there.

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