Portland, Maine: The way life should be

This year we decided to vacation without our bikes. And three days into the vacation, I’m convinced that it was a good decision. My husband just came off of a tough race (and a resulting injury) and my century training has led to some pretty intense hours in the saddle. So with bare roof racks, we decided to head to Portland, Maine. It didn’t take long for us to fall in love with Portland. The place is full of breweries, bike shops and beaches. Throw in a lobster—or three—and that’s my idea of paradise. Continue reading

Bike commuting: Burn quads, not gas

Happy first day of summer! We celebrated with a spin around town, where we mailed a package at the post office and picked up a few small items at the brew shop. We finished with a steep climb that led to our CSA, where we stuffed three heads of lettuce, kale, rainbow chard, scallions, radishes, beet greens and a giant container of peas into two musettes. Not only was it a great outing with my husband, but we saved 20 miles worth of gas in the process.


Confessions of a failed bike commuter

This year, I started composting, filtering water instead of buying plastic bottles, and recycling more than I throw away. I also eat local and organic as much as possible and joined a CSA for local veggies. But if replacing every evil, energy-sucking light bulb in the house wasn’t so painstaking, then why is it still so damn hard to pedal my bike four miles to the grocery store? Continue reading