Confessions of a failed bike commuter

This year, I started composting, filtering water instead of buying plastic bottles, and recycling more than I throw away. I also¬†eat local and organic as much as possible and joined a CSA for local veggies. But if replacing every evil, energy-sucking light bulb in the house wasn’t so painstaking, then why is it still so damn hard to pedal my bike four miles to the grocery store? Continue reading

Crossing over: CX at Brewery Ommegang

Mud, beer, cowbells….suffering. These are the elements of a great cyclocross race. And NYCROSS‘s annual race at Brewery Ommegang delivered a healthy dose of all four. We’ve had the course on our “must do” list for years, so we finally rounded up a couple of friends and headed to Cooperstown on Sunday. Rob and Chad decided to give cross racing a try (“It’s only a half hour, how tiring can it be?”). They quickly found out that what the course lacked in mud, it made up for in the amount of suffering it inflicted. One steep climb quickly split the pack and an off cambre turn dumped riders at the foot of a set of barriers. Continue reading