Should cyclists use a foam roller?

Mention the words “foam roller” to a group of cyclists and the response will likely be as polarizing as a discussion on Lance. Some swear by their rollers, using them daily to dig into every ache and pain, while others place the torturous device in the same category as “hill repeats” and “saddle sores.” But does a roller really live up to the hype? Can a piece of foam replace a trip to the massage table?  Continue reading

How to plan your off-season cycling training

The time to plan for your 2012 cycling season is now. Yes, you heard me right. If you want to experience fitness gains, enter a race or just hang with your local group ride in the spring, you must start that conditioning over the winter. That doesn’t mean you can’t take a break or enjoy some cross-training this winter. After a busy season, some time off or just riding for fun provides the perfect mental break. But then it’s time to get to work.  Continue reading

Be your own brewery: How to brew beer at home.

There’s a magical cosmic connection between bikes and beer.  After a day on the trail, nothing beats throwing back a cold bottle with friends, legs totally cooked as you rehash all the sweet details of the ride. It wasn’t until I took up road riding that I finally shed all those excess carbs (thank goodness for baggies). Lucky for me, I married a bike geek with a penchant for microbrews. On our wedding registry we decided to pass on the fine China, opting instead for a brew kettle and all of its accessories.

Today we decided to welcome in the warm weather by brewing up an orange and ginger Belgian wheat beer. Continue reading