Back pocket review: Secret Drink Mix

When sport scientist Allen Lim discovered the prevalence of gut rot in the pro peloton, he enlisted the help of Stacy Simms, a sports physiologist and nutrition scientist, to help tackle the problem. They created a drink called “X” or Secret Drink Mix and shared it with friends and athletes. Fortunately the response was overwhelmingly positive and the product is now available online and through a storefront in Boulder, CO called Scratch Labs. Continue reading

Review: DZ Nuts Bliss

Nothing can kill a ride faster than a saddle sore. After a season spent swapping saddles, I’ve been riddled with plenty of them. After experimenting with several different chamois creams, some left me feeling like I was pedaling in a wet diaper and others burned and tingled, emitting an odd scent that was a cross between peppermint, patchouli and witch hazel. Continue reading

Review: Lazer O2 Helmet

I have a big head. Not in the full-of-myself kind of way. My noggin is either really large or just oddly shaped. Either way, I’d rather try on bathing suits and bras than go ski hat and helmet shopping.

Lazer O2 helmet

A fellow big-headed rider tipped me off about the Lazer O2 helmet’s Rollsys fit system—aka the magic red dial that adjusts the helmet so it locks in the exact position you desire, not the mechanically pre-defined clicks set in many helmets. The idea of such fit perfection was more than I could wrap my head around. I had to try it.  Continue reading