Cycling revelations

Cycling is a constant learning experience. Fortunately, my lessons now aren’t as tough as in the beginning (like crashing to the pavement while learning to ride clipless). Here are a few observations from this season.

I heart bibs. Sure they look kind of silly, like a spandex Santa Clause, but at mile 50, I’m grateful that a waistband isn’t digging into my abdomen. Bibs hold the chamois firmly in place and make it easy to breathe deeply. At first I was concerned about having to undress for every pit stop, but I’ve quickly learned that when Port-a-Pottys are involved, the best thing to do is to wear a wicking base layer so I can remove my jersey and drape it over the handlebars. Using a full zip jersey expedites things as well.

Fill up my flask. After years of sticky fingers from collecting empty energy gel wrappers, I’ve finally discovered a $2 solution (how often can you say THAT in cycling!?). A Hammer flask holds five servings of the sticky stuff. One of the best parts is that you can buy Hammer Gel in bulk and mix your own flavors. My favorite flavor of the moment is espresso. Continue reading