Portland, Maine: The way life should be

This year we decided to vacation without our bikes. And three days into the vacation, I’m convinced that it was a good decision. My husband just came off of a tough race (and a resulting injury) and my century training has led to some pretty intense hours in the saddle. So with bare roof racks, we decided to head to Portland, Maine. It didn’t take long for us to fall in love with Portland. The place is full of breweries, bike shops and beaches. Throw in a lobster—or three—and that’s my idea of paradise. Continue reading

Mixing it up

Every fall I swear I’m going to start running. Even though I tend to grimace during the summer when I pass runners slogging along, sweating profusely as their shiny white sneakers hit the hot pavement, I always change my tune by September. Maybe that does look like fun… Truth be told, I end up donning my sneakers a few times, and by the end of November I’m back to living vicariously through a friend who competes in the marathon circuit.

But before I fully submit to the trainer this year, I decided to loosely follow a 5k training plan to help correct any leg imbalances from cycling, and to give a few other activities a try. Continue reading